Stonehouse Inspections





Who Is Stonehouse Inspections?




I am Matt Steinhausen.  I've been operating Steinhausen Home Inspections / Stonehouse Inspections independently since 1999.  My background includes over 30 years construction-related experience in historic home preservation / restoration, concrete construction, roofing, building maintenance, homeowner insurance claims adjusting, fire and water damage restoration, and property management.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska College of Engineering - Department of Construction Management in 1994.  My hands-on experiences combined with my formal training / education are ideal for a career as a home inspector.  I get to be a detective, photographer, researcher, writer, and most importantly, a communicator.  I enjoy my job.


I have a unique perspective as a home inspector because my prior work experiences as a contractor and claims adjuster dealt almost exclusively with damaged properties.  I was trained to investigate cause and origin of damage.   Between 1992 and 2018 I inspected or investigated damage to over 2500 properties in the Lincoln area as a home inspector, insurance adjuster or restoration contractor.  I pride myself on being an inspector who is aware of the most common causes of property damage and areas most prone to problems.  To contrast that, I think I am an inspector who will point out the qualities of a house that enhance value and minimize maintenance.





Education                University of Nebraska-Lincoln

                                College of Engineering and Technology-BS Construction Management


                                Nebraska Wesleyan University

                                Major area of study:  Physics, Pre-Engineering        



   10/99-present         Home Inspector, Steinhausen / Stonehouse Inspections

    6/96-10/99            Senior/Staff Claims Representative, Allstate Insurance

    4/94 - 6/96            Construction Associate, Paul Davis Systems Restoration

    5/93 - 4/94            Crew Supervisor/Sales/Estimator, Leifert Concrete Construction

    11/92-5/93            Engineering Assistant, Lincoln Snack Company

    5/88 - 8/90            Building and Grounds Maintenance, Nebraska Department of Roads

    5/80 – 5/87           Farmhand (spent my youth working on the family farms)       


Other Training - Inspection and Restoration Continuing Education training includes:

                                  Fire restoration

                                   Odor removal

                                   Water damage mitigation

                                   Property damage investigation

                                   Structural restoration

                                   Construction estimating



I also do consultation work for contractors and sub-contractors.  I sometimes help assemble estimates and bids, do design work, determine feasibility of repairs, and/or provide general business advice.  I have provided professional training to contractors and insurance agents / adjusters on subjects related to estimating, roof damage, water mitigation and smoke damage.  I have testified in civil court as an expert witness and have provided numerous inspections for parties in legal disputes related to standards of care, disclosure and contractor liability.


In addition to my professional background, I have been involved with the preservation and/or restoration of numerous old and historic homes.  I enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzles that arise in restoring older homes.  I also study barns as a hobby - structures, history, styles, uses, etc.  I have been involved with the preservation of a couple barns in the past and plan to do much more barn preservation work in the future.  Since 2002 I've been researching and photographing area barns in conjunction with the Denton Community Historical Society's "Barn History Project".


Why Choose Stonehouse Inspections?

Thorough:  The most common comment I hear from my customers (and critics) is “you are very thorough”.  I am credited with making observations that might be missed by other home inspectors.  I have a variety of ladders and tools that allow me to access most any part of a home - roof, attic, crawlspace, etc.  I not only look for existing problems, but I spend the extra time to look at areas of the house that are most prone to damage.  Plus, having many years of experience as a contractor whose primary job was to repair damage associated with water, smoke, wind, hail and pet damage, I am aware of the subtle indicators of previous problems.  I often discover problems missed by other inspectors; in fact, I've found termite damage in numerous homes within days of being evaluated as satisfactory by others.  


Simple:  My reports are easy to read and can be supplemented with digital photos if needed.  I hope that I am able to put the details regarding a home's condition into layman’s terms so the most novice homeowner can understand my reports.


Independent:  I am not affiliated with any other individual, company or organization that might potentially be construed as a conflict of interest.  I don’t receive any contributions or marketing incentives for recommending the services of others in the realty industry, nor do I spend any funds sponsoring, contributing to or marketing realtors, mortgage companies and/or title companies in an attempt to get referrals.  My independence also saves me money, which allows me keep my rates so low.


Practical and Innovative:  My goal as a home inspector is to give you more than a report.  I consider my knowledge, resourcefulness and creativity as an asset to you because I can provide ideas and solutions to quickly resolve issues raised by my inspections.


Repeat Customers and Referrals:  Over half of my business is a result of repeat customers and referrals.  I am proud of my relationships with previous customers and think that you will agree that not only am I friendly to work with, but I am also going to provide you with the most dependable inspection available.


Knowledgeable:  No one knows everything about every aspect of construction, but I think I bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that rivals most others in the construction industry.


Communication:  I always answer the phone if I'm available, and I return phone calls and emails promptly.



Is Stonehouse Inspections Certified?

Yes, I am HUD certified, however there is no rule or law in Nebraska requiring inspectors be certified, and Nebraska doesn't license home inspectors.  I am one of the only home inspectors in my area that's a government certified HUD 203k Inspector / Consultant, however I am not certified by the independent inspection associations such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) because becoming a member of a home inspection organization won't make me a better inspector.  Real estate agents and clients can attest to the fact my inspection scope, standards of care, and code of ethics exceed those established by any home inspector association.