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These “band pictures” include musicians Billy Bacon, Marty Steinhausen, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Justin G. Jones, John “Honeyboy” Turner, Sean Benjamin, Tony Meza, Lance Lehman, Dave Robel, Jeff “Fannie” Schnittker, A.J. Mogis and the late John Entwhistle of The Who.  All were taken in the Lincoln area at venues including the Zoo Bar, Knickerbockers, Duggan’s Pub and Presto Studios.


Billy Bacon    Justin G Jones and Marty Steinhausen 


David Rawlings     Gillian Welch


Playing the saw



John "honeyboy" Turner       



Tony Meza and the Tijuana Gigolos        Lance Lehman and Jim Myers of Phlo



Dave Roebel        Jeff Schnittker of The Hanging Cowboys



John "honeyboy" Turner        Sean Benjamin



Tony Meza



A.J. Mogis




John Entwhistle




 David Rawlings, Gillian Welch and Conor Oberst at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE