Stonehouse Inspections





How Much Does An Inspection Cost?


A whole home inspection costs $365.  Factors that could affect cost are the size of house and proximity to Lincoln.  A whole home inspection includes the inspection, report, archived digital images, and follow-up with real estate agents, mortgage companies and title companies.  Additional charges are only warranted if work is required above and beyond the normal scope of duty, such as re-inspections, meeting with contractors, etc.  The basic inspection cost does not include specialized services such as hazardous materials testing.  Prices are subject to change.


I inspect for termites and wood destroying insects when I conduct a whole house inspection at no charge, however I charge an additional $75 for a formal wood destroying inspection report that meets the guidelines of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), which is the standard recognized by the government, real estate industry and mortgage lenders for inspection reporting on wood destroying organisms.


Costs for commercial property inspections and specialized inspections vary.


I provide inspections related to homeowner warranties and legal disputes.  Cost varies on those types of inspections.   Work requested beyond the normal scope of the report such as photo reproduction, duplicate reports and re-inspections are billed out at actual cost plus $50 per hour.