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I have lived all of my years in or near the Lincoln, Nebraska area.I attended high school in Waverly, NE, went on to college at Nebraska Wesleyan and later transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.My interest in construction began over 30 years ago when I helped my grandfather build his house.I was studying drafting in high school at the same time, which helped me link the design-construction process.I had aspirations to be an architect or structural engineer, but the construction management department at the UNL College of Engineering offered an education that seemed to suit my skills and desires more than the other programs.


I spent most of my college years working in construction and/or engineering related disciplines.Prior to graduating from college I began a career as a project manager for a restoration contractor.After a number of years doing restoration contracting I was being solicited to work as an insurance property claims adjuster, investigating and assessing damage to homes and property related to wind, hail, fire or water.†† I did claims adjusting until 1999 when I started Steinhausen Home Inspections.I saw a need in our community for a thorough home inspector after handling numerous claims for new homeowners with pre-existing problems undisclosed by sellers, and not found or reported by home inspectors.


During college I met my wife Kim and we have been blessed with children Andrew and Anna.We now live on a rural setting and we are in the long process of renovating our house and barns in an attempt to make our property maintenance free and efficient.I'm working to preserve the 100+ year-old house and barns without altering their original design, so they might retain some slight historical significance and character.We've also planted hundreds of trees and countless perennials.I've also installed rainwater collection systems off the gutters of outbuildings so we don't have to rely on the well.


I restored a 90 year-old home in Lincolnís Near South neighborhood between 2002 and 2004.I did most of the work myself.The restoration was an opportunity to ďput my money where my mouth isĒ as far as the recommendations I have been making to others regarding building repair methods and materials.Examples of innovative ideas include use of recycled materials and a steel roof.


In 2003 I participated in the restoration of a home purchased by my brother and sister-in-law.We restored the 90 year-old house, and we moved two barns onto the property.It was a fun project because I got all the rewards of the accomplishment without having to spend the money on materials.


In 2005 Kim and I purchased the historic limestone Krull House near Sprague, NE which we are working to restore to its original state, or as close as is reasonable.The Krull House is an example of durable construction and determination Ė it took 7 years to build, in the 1860s no less.I have never observed another house in Nebraska that could endure what the Krull house has.Itís preservation is a tribute to Nebraska history, pioneer innovation, hard work, and quality construction, and I hope it will serve as an example / educational tool for many generations.

(click here to link to the Krull House article that appeared in the Journal-Star)


I enjoy photography.I learned a little about photography in high school but never really pursued it enthusiastically until about 1994 when I acquired a black and white enlarger.Since then I have acquired additional enlargers, cameras and equipment to further my hobby.†† Here's a link to see some of my photos online:††


My other hobbies include gardening, historical research, genealogy, making music, building repair / restoration, disc-golf and fishing.Disc-golf and fishing have taken a back seat to the more important jobs at hand such as raising kids and operating a business.As far as music is concerned, Iíve not mastered any instrument, but I can play many.In the garden I like to raise chilies because of their tolerance to extreme climates and resistance to insects, plus the rewards of harvest are so satisfying and healthy.I spend free time doing historical research, including photographing area farms, barns, homes and buildings, and I'm the administrator of the "Nebraska Barns" page on facebook.


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