Willie Grimm’s Photos

Documenting the History

of Lancaster County, NE

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These are photos by my Great-Great-Great Uncle Willie Grimm.  Willie was born in 1883 and died in 1914 as a result of an industrial accident at Cushman Motor Works in Lincoln, NE, leaving behind his wife Hazel and five month old daughter Ruth.  Willie’s 4” x 5” glass negatives were left with his sister Anna (Grimm) Steinhausen, then passed on through the generations to my grandfather Mark Steinhausen.  These negatives have been mostly unseen and untouched for last 90 years.  The pictures depict scenes around Lincoln and rural Lancaster County.  Willie, his father and his brother all worked around the railroad industry and many photos include trains.  Stories say that Willie could play every musical instrument and often filled in for the Cushman Park Band.


I have attempted to reproduce the negatives into working photographs, originally utilizing my darkroom, later using a digital camera and a light board.  It is quite tedious, plus handling the negatives must be done very carefully so they are not damaged.


There are about 40 negatives altogether.  I have included a few of them below.  My goal is to do a high-resolution scan of the negatives once and for all, and put them back into permanent storage.  Unfortunately the expense of a high res scan is prohibitive at this time.  I am exploring various alternatives for preservation and reproduction.



Engine 102 at Union Station


The Loos brothers plowing,

Steinhausen farm in the background


The Reddish family making haystacks


A.F. Steinhausen’s cattle, in the background

are the Wesley Chapel and Dist #103 School


Rokeby, Nebraska in 1908.


Unknown threshing crew


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